At Muraya, our designs do more than provide our Clients with a beautiful and functional work space. We create design concepts that perform as business solutions. Our design is integrated with the business values, brand image, and staff requirements of our Clients. With advanced workplace strategies and design that are flexible, technology responsive, we aim to deliver at the right price and at appropriate quality levels.

Muraya closely manages every step of the interior design process, from start to finish, allowing greater control over design quality, understanding client's needs, and mitigating project costs. Our design process for every project is as follow:


  • Site Check - We begin each design project with a site check, which allows us to make accurate measurements and assessments of the site characteristics and limitations, in order to make a more customized design.
  • Design Concept - We evaluate the client’s needs, and based on those and information from the site, conceptualize initial ideas and strategies for the project design.
  • Test Fits and Layout - We create floor plans based on the Design concept and the client's requirements.
  • Material Selection - We choose a selection of materials that suit the project, design concept, project budget, and client's requirements.
  • Furniture Suggestion - We give suggestions on furniture that suits well with our design and fulfills the requirements of the client.
  • Bird Eye View - We create 3D-renderings which is a good tool for testing the layout, the materials and the chosen furniture.
  • Renderings - We create computer generated 3D-images  with the purpose to show how it will look like when the construction is done.
  • Construction Drawings - We start creating construction drawings when everything is set and the layout is confirmed.
More about...
Our Licenses
Our LicensesMuraya is fully certified with the highest-grade certifications
Turnkey Service
Turnkey ServiceOur turnkey projects provides our clients with a full scope of services
LEEDMuraya can offer LEED assessments in each project phase
Our Safety Programme
Our Safety ProgrammeThe safety of our Construction Team is a key value at Muraya