Our Construction Team has 30 years of construction experience in Asia, and has brought many of our challenging design concepts to life. The Team uses their expertise to make the most of China’s unparalleled ability to construct great things. However, “compromise” never enters our vocabulary when it comes to construction quality.

Fully Certified

We have acquired the highest-grade certifications available in the construction industry, allowing us to provide a full spectrum of services in accordance with Construction codes.

Muraya Factory

Our own local factory facilitates the fast and cost-efficient design, build and supply of custom-made furniture, counters, and storage for our designs. Muraya's in-house construction teams are outfitted for safety and attention to environmental responsibility. Special attention is paid to both international and local industry regulations and conservation of natural resources

Continuing Facility Service

We continue to provide Construction Services, even after the completion of our projects. We offer training and service programs to ensure that your space maintains its day-one level of excellence. Our continuing facility services include:

  • Proactive site inspection every 8 weeks
  • 24/7 service
  • 12-hour response time in China
  • 4-hour response time in Shanghai
More about...
Our Licenses
Our LicensesMuraya is fully certified with the highest-grade certifications
Turnkey Service
Turnkey ServiceOur turnkey projects provides our clients with a full scope of services
LEEDMuraya can offer LEED assessments in each project phase
Our Safety Programme
Our Safety ProgrammeThe safety of our Construction Team is a key value at Muraya