Managing Your Environmental Footprint

There are many shades of green. The greenness of our development process can be scaled to match our clients' needs. Muraya’s design, construction and engineering processes can employ sustainable concepts in all phases of development.

Heating, cooling and ventilation systems will be carefully selected to maximize energy efficiency and reduce your carbon footprint. Layout can be optimized to enhance equipment efficiency and provide healthy, eco-friendly work environments.

Materials are also selected to balance quality, green attributes, and value. The eco integrity of the entire supply chain is considered including production, transportation and recycling. We can also offer energy audits and LEED assessments in each project phase, converting green ambitions into practical applications.


Our Licenses
Our LicensesMuraya is fully certified with the highest-grade certifications
Turnkey Service
Turnkey ServiceOur turnkey projects provides our clients with a full scope of services
LEEDMuraya can offer LEED assessments in each project phase
Our Safety Programme
Our Safety ProgrammeThe safety of our Construction Team is a key value at Muraya