About us

We are a Swedish Interior Design & Construction company. Our goal is to create a stimulating work space that tells your story, inspires confidence and pride in employees, and enhances your business.

Our story starts in the mid-60’s, designing interior objects such as:  a glass, a table, a chair. From there on, we shaped and developed a full collection of furniture to later find ourselves engaging in the sphere of interior design.

We established our Asian head office in 2006 in Shanghai. Since then, the rapid growth has placed us among the top foreign interior design companies in the country, as well as a significant industry player in fit-out construction for commercial and retail projects around China.

After ten years of operation in Shanghai, we are proud to become one of the first international actors to rapidly expand, covering projects in major cities throughout Greater China.

Our Licenses
Our LicensesMuraya is fully certified with the highest-grade certifications
Turnkey Service
Turnkey ServiceOur turnkey projects provides our clients with a full scope of services
LEEDMuraya can offer LEED assessments in each project phase
Our Safety Programme
Our Safety ProgrammeThe safety of our Construction Team is a key value at Muraya